Piklema Predictive

Predictive analytics for mining and process industries

Find correlation between equipment operation mode and its performance. Let your equipment work efficiently!
Solutions that save your money and time!
Data is a valuable asset!
More than 99% of operational data collected from the diagnostic systems and other advanced equipment are not used.
We collect data, normalize and store them away from machinery and equipment to build a comprehensive picture of the work predicting the causes, patterns and correlations
Predictive Production
Find most valuable parameters, that influence on output
Predictive maintenence
Predictive maintenance for the whole value chain of metals and mining industry with predefined optimisation models (tires, pumps, dump truck engines etc)
Safety management through predicitve analytics
risk management, lecel of metan prediction for UG mines
Mine to mill
define your input, we already know how optimise your operations!
Data science as a service
Step 1: Develop fact base
Data gathering, cleaning, and mapping
  • Diagnose and compare operating, labor, and cost performance using a proven benchmarking methodology, based on experience in mining and predictive analytics

Step 2: Run analysis

Site visits and report development
  • Quantify and qualify throughput and cost improvement initiatives linked to profitability improvement and capital expenditure reduction

Step 3: Deliver results

Report delivery and recommendations
  • Recommend operational improvements using Piklema Predictive detailed insights as a roadmap for achieving goals

Step 4: Tracking & implementation

Track common metrics to align the organization, set achievable performance targets, and measure improvement over time
  • Implement improvements